Integrating 'Live' Instruments & Performing with Ableton Live

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Integrating 'Live' Instruments & Performing with Ableton Live


Learn how to integrate vocals and live instruments with your electronic production for live performance.

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Day 1
- Setting up a microphone for vocals and acoustic instruments
- Connecting an electric guitar or bass guitar
- Connecting MIDI controllers, such as PUSH, Launchpad, MIDI keyboards
- Organizing your Session into Clips and Scenes
- MIDI and Key Mapping, Cue Points

Day 2
- Creating custom Audio Effect Racks
- Creating custom Instrument Racks
- Loops & follow actions
- Recording and resampling audio on the fly
- Putting it all together and live performance

Dates: March 11-12
Time: 11:30am-2:30pm
Total hours: 6
Instructors: Josh Bess
Cost: USD180 (approx. SD260)



To take part in the workshops please make sure to bring the following equipment:

  • A laptop with Ableton Live 9 installed. Live 9 can be downloaded for free for 30 days at
  • A pair of headphones
  • An instrument with a 1/4 inch audio output such as electric guitar or bass 
  • A MIDI keyboard controller (such as a MIDI keyboard or Launchpad) 



  • Certificate of Completion from Loop Academy
  • One month of access to the Loop Academy “Ask The Expert” Facebook Page
  • One student in each workshop will be selected to take the Music Foundations Course with Max Wild at Dubspot Online School



The maximum number of students per workshop is 20 students. The minimum number of students per workshop is 8 students. If the minimum number of students per workshop has not been met, it is up to the discretion of Loop Academy to hold the workshop or not. If the workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, any students that have paid for the workshop will receive a full refund.