Intro To DJing

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Intro To DJing


Learn the basics of DJing using turntables and Serato.

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Day 1
- A short history of DJing
- Getting familiar with Serato, Turntables and the Mixer
- Performing a basic mix using Cut & Chop mixing
- EQ and sound manipulation
- Various techniques for blending two songs together

Day 2
- Trick Mixing
- How to play different genres of music in one set
- How to tighten your sets with Cue Point mixing
- Incorporating Turntablism into your Mix
- Using Turntablism Techniques to create DJ routines

Dates: March 11-12
Time: 3-6pm
Total hours: 6
Instructor: Koflow
Cost: USD180 (approx. SD260)



To take part in the workshops please make sure to bring the following:

  • A thumb-drive with a minimum of 5 tracks


  • A laptop with Serato installed
  • A pair of headphones



  • Certificate of Completion from Loop Academy
  • One month of access to the Loop Academy “Ask The Expert” Facebook Page
  • One student in each workshop will be selected to take the Music Foundations Course with Max Wild at Dubspot Online School



The maximum number of students for this workshop is 8 students. The minimum number of students for this workshop is 4 students. If the minimum number of students has not been met, it is up to the discretion on Loop Academy whether the workshop will take place or not. If the workshop is canceled due to low enrollment any students that have paid for the workshop will receive a full refund.