Sampling With Ableton Live

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Sampling With Ableton Live


Sampling is a powerful technique that can lead to a big sound quickly, the right sample can bring birth to an entire track.  This two day workshop will explore ways of listening when in search of the right sample(s), and the tools used to take ownership over your samples.  This workshop will explore various audio to midi conversions, such as slice to midi that will help you control your samples creatively giving more freedom to manipulate and sculpt your sound.  The workshop will also introduce the following tools: Drum Rack, Simpler, and Sampler.  After these tools are introduced, a sketching technique will demonstrate how you can take a 4-8 bar idea and flush out the form of an entire track.

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Adam Partridge aka Atropolis is a former senior Ableton LIve instructor at Dubspot NYC, with a life time of musical training, Adam has various releases on a wide range of international independent record label's such as, Six Degrees Records, Man Recordings, Dutty Artz, Soundway Records, and Fania. He has remixed grammy award winning artists Celia Cruz and Willie Colon, and has had his worked licensed in,Power, a TV series featured on Starz network.  Atropolis is Adam's alias that explores his global influences that combines cultural folk fusions with heavy bass; his remix for Dom La Nena, which has over 1.5 million plays on Spotify, is a fusion of traditional Brazilian folk music with Trap.  Adam is currently working on various projects with artists from Brazil, South Africa, Colombia, and Brooklyn.  

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Day 1:

  • Listening: how the right or wrong sample's can make or break a track
  • Finding sounds + Online sample platforms 
  • Intro to Drum Rack + how to build your own drum kit
  • Basic drum program techniques


Day 2:

  • Intro to Simpler and Sampler
  • Audio to MIDI conversions: Slice to MIDI, audio to: drums, melody, harmony
  • ADSR + Audio FX processing Intro
  • How to develop a basic 4-8 bar idea



To take part in the workshops please make sure to bring the following equipment:

  • A laptop with Ableton Live 9 installed. Live 9 can be downloaded for free for 30 days at
  • A pair of headphones
  • Optional: A MIDI keyboard such as the Novation Launchkey 25 or Ableton PUSH. If you don't know if your controller will work, please email us as


The maximum number of students per workshop is 20 students. The minimum number of students per workshop is 8 students. If the minimum number of students per workshop has not been met, it is up to the discretion of Loop Academy to hold the workshop or not. If the workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, any students that have paid for the workshop will receive a full refund.