New York producer Atropolis presents 'Sampling With Ableton Live' in Singapore

Copy of Sampling with Ableton live_Draft 02.jpg

New York producer Atropolis will be joining Loop Academy for a unique, one-time only workshop in Singapore, presenting some of his inside secrets on sampling with Ableton Live.

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Sampling is a powerful technique that can lead to a big sound quickly, the right sample can bring birth to an entire track.  This two day workshop will explore ways of listening when in search of the right sample(s), and the tools used to take ownership over your samples.  This workshop will explore various audio to midi conversions, such as slice to midi that will help you control your samples creatively giving more freedom to manipulate and sculpt your sound.  The workshop will also introduce the following tools: Drum Rack, Simpler, and Sampler.  After these tools are introduced, a sketching technique will demonstrate how you can take a 4-8 bar idea and flush out the form of an entire track.