Beginner Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live
Learn the fundamentals of Ableton Live and create your first track.

NOTE: This workshop will be combined with the Songwriting & Arranging Intensive Workshop and include topics from both workshops.

Day 1: The Interface
- The browser and basic editing
- Session view vs Arrangement view
- Launching clips and scenes
- Connecting a MIDI controller

Day 2: Recording
- Constructing a beat using Impulse
- Recording in real time
- Quantization
- Velocity

Day 3: Remixing
- Basic warping
- Looping
- Autofilter
- Creating a remix

Day 4: Melodic Elements
- How to build a melody
- How to build chords
- How to build a bassline
- Creating a song

Day 5: Finishing your first track
- Basic arrangement
- Audio effects
- Automation
- Basic mixing and mastering
- Exporting

Dates: February 22-26
Time: 7-10pm
Total hours: 15
Instructor: Max Wild
Cost: US$450 (approx. SG$650)

Minimum enrollment: 8*
Maximum enrollment: 20

*If minimum enrollment number is not met this workshop will not take place and all advance payments will be refunded.