Ableton Intro - 12 Weeks

Learn the fundamentals of producing and performing electronic music with Ableton Live, and produce an original track by the end of the course.

On completing this course you will be able to do the following:
1. Have produced your first track
2. Know how to remix a track
3. Know how to use Ableton Push to perform and produce music
4. Know how to DJ with Ableton Live

Topics Covered
Week 1: Overview & Drum Programming
Week 2: Melodic Instruments
Week 3: Chords, Harmony, and Basslines
Week 4: Audio and MIDI Effects
Week 5: Arrangment
Week 6: Advanced Note and Clip Editing
Week 7: Sampling
Week 8: Warping & Remixing
Week 9: Instrument & Effect Racks
Class 10: DJing with Live
Class 11: Push
Class 12: Mixing & Mastering

Instructor: Max Wild